Sam Macedone, Simon O’Toole and Kirstie-May Morris form the Macedone Criminal Lawyers team. Between us, we have represented clients in a wide range of criminal matters, from very serious to not so serious offences. We provide a reliable, expert, responsive, and competent service to our clients. It is important that you are effectively and expertly represented in Court when the occasion arises, and our team guarantee that service. Your rights and your freedom should be fearlessly protected. We will do that for you.

Some of the areas of work we deal with are listed below. We also appear in all appeal matters to the District and Supreme Courts against lower Court convictions as well as severity appeals. We are involved in all types of jury trials (Federal and State),  and other hearings such as ICAC, Coroner’s Court, Parole Board and the Police Integrity Commission.

Our work can take us anywhere in New South Wales and we have also been involved in litigation and trials in Queensland and Victoria. Whether you are pleading ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’, or want some help and guidance about how you should plead, come and see us. The best thing you will ever do is to get some legal advice before you commit yourself.