Sam Macedone, Simon O’Toole and Kirstie-May Morris form the Macedone Criminal Lawyers team. Between us, we have represented clients in a wide range of criminal matters, from very serious to not so serious offences. We provide a reliable, expert, responsive, and competent service to our clients. It is important that you are effectively and expertly represented in Court when the occasion arises, and our team guarantee that service. Your rights and your freedom should be fearlessly protected. We will do that for you.


There are many other criminal or quasi-criminal offences. Some examples are:

Breach of Duties as a Director of a Company
Breaches of Various Other Acts of Parliament, for example:-

·       Local Government
·       Environmental Protection and Assessment Act
·       Road Traffic (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999
·       Road Traffic (General) Act 1999
·       Unlawful Gambling Act
·       Summary Offences Act
·       Criminal Defamation
·       Companion Animals Act
·       Oaths Act (swearing false declarations)

Independent Commission Agencies

·       Corruption Act 1988
·       National Crime Authority (State Provisions) Act 1984
·       NSW Crime Commission Act 1984
·       Special Commissions of Enquiry Act 1981

Driving offences of a serious nature can and do attract prison sentences. In most cases, they are dealt with by way of fines with a disqualification from holding a driver’s licence. Licence disqualification is mandatory in many cases, with some discretion in the Court to reduce the mandatory periods, however sometimes no discretion is available, or it is limited.  There is a mandatory Interlock Drivers Licence in place for some offences.

We can advise you if you can challenge these disqualifications. We also advise on the Habitual Traffic Offenders declarations, the need for expert pharmacological reports in drink driving matters, crash reconstruction reports where necessary and where you may need psychological or other medical reports to assist you in your case.

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