Driving Offences

There are various driving offences. Some of these include:

  • Dangerous Driving/Dangerous Navigation Causing Death/Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Drink Driving – PCA, Refuse Breath Test, DUI
  • Negligent Driving, Causing Death or Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Speeding Over 30kph/45kph above the Speed Limit
  • Drive Manner Dangerous, Drive at Speed Dangerous
  • Drive Recklessly, Drive Furiously
  • Drive Whilst Disqualified, Drive Whilst Cancelled, Drive Whilst Suspended
  • Menacing Driving
  • Red Lights, School Zone Breaches
  • Drive Whilst Under Influence of a Drug
  • Demerit loss of licence Appeals.

Driving offences of a serious nature can and do attract prison sentences. In most cases, they are dealt with by way of fines with a disqualification from holding a driver’s licence. Licence disqualification is mandatory in many cases, with some discretion in the Court to reduce the mandatory periods, however sometimes no discretion is available, or it is limited.  There is a mandatory Interlock Drivers Licence in place for some offences.

We can advise you if you can challenge these disqualifications. We also advise on the Habitual Traffic Offenders declarations, the need for expert pharmacological reports in drink driving matters, crash reconstruction reports where necessary and where you may need psychological or other medical reports to assist you in your case.

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